´╗┐mikes messengers gone and left me cause of all man kind - Michael Silverman - Mike Rinder

Basically, the very first sentence in his ugly guilt manipulation procedure about allegedly "breaking the law" is the evidence in itself. Furthermore, it is probably one of the most telling indications and a living proof that his whole "evil fighting" trip to "save the world" is nothing but a fake, or, at best, an attempt of the blind to lead the blind, the inevitable outcome of which is both of them falling into a pit, just as has been stated in the New Testament.

Immediately after the Rapture of the Church , Paul says that we will be appearing before the Judgment Seat of Christ. This is not a judgment on sin, which was taken care of at Calvary, it is a judgement on the works we did or did not do for Jesus Christ after we got saved. But immediately after the Second Coming, the judgment that takes place is a public judgment, not of individuals, but of the nations.

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