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Now I’m not going to try to namecheck backing track sampling manipulation or where a sound sample comes from with every track, you know, with info such as “this piece riding the so & so riddim” yet those of you who entertain their ears with this album will surely recognise the backdrops and frontdrops wonderfully mixed into the blend, I do (I think) but I simply cannot remember.. Well, OK just one, the unmistakable groove that is the Perry Produced original recording vibe ‘Sun Is Shining’ as used on the piece ‘PonDeCorner+SunIsShining’ with heavy bass drops on the note, a dry piano and a 70s movie style guitar hookline buried in the mix although perhaps this mix suffering a little due to the over use of the vocals voice effect/enhancement treatment, indeed an effect utilised almost throughout the album yet it doesn’t diminish the addictiveness of staying tuned, putting the voice effects over use to one side the interest with this album is the seemingly effortless way the team have managed to blend both the vintage classic reggae and the underground dub Lo Fi giving the listener a well crafted experience alongside those French tones and by thus doing so makes it wonderfully difficult in dating it as a whole simply because of that blend of generations and genres and it’s this that gives it its strength by making it accessible whether you are 15 or 50.

Paolo Conte Paris MilongaPaolo Conte Paris MilongaPaolo Conte Paris MilongaPaolo Conte Paris Milonga