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In 1961 Baraka co-authored a "Declaration of Conscience" in support of Fidel Castro 's regime. [21] Baraka also was a member of the Umbra Poets Workshop of emerging Black Nationalist writers ( Ishmael Reed and Lorenzo Thomas among others) on the Lower East Side (1962–65).

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Rifleman Carter first appeared in Sharpe's Havoc would have also accompanied Sharpe in the retreat to Corunna in Sharpe's Rifles though he was not mentioned. He fought in the First Battle of Porto and also partook in the Second Battle of Porto which he survived. Carter fought with Sharpe in the Battle at Talavera although he was not mentioned in Sharpe's Eagle . He also participated in the destruction of Almeida but wasn't mentioned in Sharpe's Gold and also partook in Sharpe's Escape during the battle of Bussaco. He partook in the Battle of Fuentes de Onoro in and went to fight with Sharpe in the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Siege of Badajoz. He went on to fight in the Battle of Salamanca in Sharpe's Sword but he wasn't mentioned. Carter went onto fight alongside Sharpe in Sharpe's Enemy but he wasn't mentioned at all. Carter wasn't mentioned in Sharpe’s Honour, Regiment, Christmas, Siege, Revenge, or Waterloo. Either Carter did not fight at Waterloo or he was killed prior to the battle. Carter was described as being a Catholic, a quiet individual who was lucky. His best friend is Rifleman Matthew Dodd who he partnered in battles.

During the journey towards the island of Neverland, Killian and his crew members haul a boy out of the water aboard the Jolly Roger . At some point after this, Killian becomes known by the nickname Hook. (" Second Star to the Right ")

Biographers have looked for consistency from musicians who knew Johnson in different contexts: Shines, who traveled extensively with him; Lockwood, who knew him as his mother's partner; David "Honeyboy" Edwards , whose cousin Willie Mae Powell had a relationship with Johnson. [25] From a mass of partial, conflicting, and inconsistent eyewitness accounts, [26] biographers have attempted to summarize Johnson's character. "He was well mannered, he was soft spoken, he was indecipherable". [27] "As for his character, everyone seems to agree that, while he was pleasant and outgoing in public, in private he was reserved and liked to go his own way". [28] "Musicians who knew Johnson testified that he was a nice guy and fairly average—except, of course, for his musical talent, his weakness for whiskey and women, and his commitment to the road." [29]

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Leroy Jones And His Band Now Lets PopeyeLeroy Jones And His Band Now Lets PopeyeLeroy Jones And His Band Now Lets PopeyeLeroy Jones And His Band Now Lets Popeye