Eno another green world - Brian Eno - Reflection

Richard Poynor notes that the main lyric is almost a manifesto for Eno's lyrics after this point: "Since everyone just ignores the words anyway, says Eno, it makes no difference if they are meaningless", as indeed the counterpointed lyrics are: they are alliterative rather than semantic in construction. Eno was apparently inspired by a number of sources: the phonetic poetry of Hugo Ball and Kurt Schwitters, as well as Hilaire Belloc's 'Tarantella'. Hugo Ball wrote the poem 'I Zimbra' which was set to music by Eno and David Byrne and recorded on the album Fear of Music by Talking Heads. -- Craig Clark (quoting More Dark Than Shark)

Eno Another Green WorldEno Another Green WorldEno Another Green WorldEno Another Green World