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The term electronic body music was coined by Ralf Hütter of the German electronic band Kraftwerk in 1978 to explain the more physical sound of their album The Man-Machine . [3] In 1980/1981, DAF from Germany used the term "Körpermusik" ( body music ) to describe their danceable electronic punk sound. [4] [5] The term was later used by Belgian band Front 242 in 1984 to describe the music of their EP of that year, No Comment . [6] [7] Simon Reynolds used the phrase industrial disco [8] to describe this music in a 1991 article, but as a genre name it appears nowhere else.

I escaped the Quadrilatero d’Oro (Golden Rectangle – Milan’s upmarket fashion district) by turning into a public garden and the quiet leafy neighbourhood of San Babila. Several villas nest behind iron gates in mature gardens along via Mozart. One imagines expensive furniture, lots of marble, china in glass cabinets; space full of artifice, homeowners keen to show off their wealth, if not their taste, in typical examples of salon culture. But villa Necchi Campiglio, with its clean lines and white, square façade, looking elegant yet solid, conveys an air of grandeur. This is exactly the effect that the architect Piero Portaluppi wanted to achieve for his clients, the Necchi Campiglio family. The mansion is set back from the street, behind an iron fence and tall trees, to allow privacy and reduce noise. There is a lodge inside the entrance gate, linked to the house by a subterranean corridor.

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