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Some writers hold that Dumfries flourished as a place of distinction during the Roman occupation of North Great Britain . The Selgovae inhabited Nithsdale at the time and may have raised some military works of a defensive nature on or near the site of Dumfries; and it is more than probable that a castle of some kind formed the nucleus of the town. This is inferred from the etymology of the name, which, according to one theory, is resolvable into two Gaelic terms signifying a castle or fort in the copse or brushwood. Dumfries was once within the borders of the Kingdom of Northumbria. The district around Dumfries was for several centuries ruled over and deemed of much importance by the invading Romans. Many traces of Roman presence in Dumfriesshire are still to be found; coins, weapons, sepulchral remains, military earthworks, and roads being among the relics left by their lengthened sojourn in this part of Scotland. The apostle Paul claimed rank and privilege as a Roman citizen on account of his birth at Tarsus ; the Caledonian tribes in the south of Scotland were invested with the same rights by an edict of Antoninus Pius . The Romanized natives received freedom (the burrows, cairns, and remains of stone temples still to be seen in the district tell of a time when Druidism was the prevailing religion) as well as civilisation from their conquerors. Late in the fourth century, the Romans bade farewell to the country. [5]

"Carrying a common spirit and sense of duty, Aaron and Allen Landis joined the Union Army in the summer of 1862 during the American Civil War. The experiences in a soldier’s daily routine, the exhausting marches, the proximity to death, the exhilaration of battle, the camp frolic and fireside revelry, and camaraderie in a unique time of strife and struggle are the main themes of this story. Human emotion is the link between our lives and theirs. These personal reflections, mostly forgotten when discussing war are the elements that truly make this story worth reading and remembering. The letters progress over a two year period between Fredericksburg and Petersburg, Virginia, and unfold with a touching and clear voice that could be spoken by a neighbor, brother or friend. Their sarcastic matter-of-fact style resonates with our modern human experience. The teenage siblings tell their thoughts and feelings of the adventures of two young men involved in America’s most prolific and epic struggle." (taken from the back cover)

Johnnie Spence And His Orchestra Baby Elephant Walk Sugar BeatJohnnie Spence And His Orchestra Baby Elephant Walk Sugar BeatJohnnie Spence And His Orchestra Baby Elephant Walk Sugar BeatJohnnie Spence And His Orchestra Baby Elephant Walk Sugar Beat