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By 1984, both Levene and Wobble had departed, and the group came under the direction of Lydon, who released a number of subsequent albums, including This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get (1984). [6] After a late 1990s hiatus, Lydon reformed the group and has released several further albums, most recently What the World Needs Now... (2015).

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In his early life and career, by his own admission, [6] Wardle was given to occasional bouts of aggression, exacerbated by heavy drinking and drug use. As a result, he ended up living in a squat with John Gray in West London , whilst Lydon and Vicious formed The Sex Pistols . With admittedly large "builders hands", he had experimented with the guitar, but found playing bass a more connected and whole body experience, influenced in part by admiring Bob Marley ’s and The Wailers bassist Aston "Family Man" Barrett on stage in 1975. [7] Wardle was as critical of his friend Vicious's bass playing as John Lydon, [7] and had hence played in experimentation sessions with Lydon. After burning all the possessions of his squat-mates, they left him alone there with a mattress, a headboard and his Music Man -copy bass. [7]

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