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In late 2015, Carter traveled to Star City in order to find Kendra Saunders , the current incarnation of Hawkgirl. Upon discovering her with Cisco Ramon , he kidnapped her in order to explain the origin of their past lives together. Almost immediately thereafter, he was subdued by the combined efforts of the Green Arrow and The Flash. [1] He was then taken to Oliver Queen 's bunker, where he was held captive by Teams Arrow and Flash. When confronted by Kendra, he explained that they were the reincarnations of the Egyptian Prince Khufu and Priestess Chay-Ara . He went on to detail how Vandal Savage, a man from their past in Egypt, seeks them out in each reincarnation and executes them so that he may extend his own life. At that point, Savage had successfully killed the pair 206 times. Carter offered to show Kendra how to unlock her dormant abilities, an offer that she eventually accepted. He took her to the roof of a skyscraper and instructed her to jump off. When Kendra expressed reluctance, Carter pushed her off. Barry Allen , who was present at the time, raced down the side of the building and caught her before she could hit the pavement. It was at this point that Carter expressed confusion that Kendra's dormant side had not awoken. Kendra later repeated the attempt on her own and unlocked her Hawkgirl persona.

Buddhist devotional practices can be performed at home or in a temple, in which images of Buddhas , Bodhisattvas and enlightened disciples are located. Buddhist devotion is practiced more intensively on the uposatha observation days and on yearly festivals , which are different depending on region and tradition.

Martin Hall RitualMartin Hall RitualMartin Hall RitualMartin Hall Ritual