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Meanwhile, in the Where’s Yore Sign competition, I make a wrong turn. Actually I make two wrong turns: one is just a normal wrong turn that sends me in the wrong direction; the other is a stupid decision. Second “wrong turn” is an effort to turn left onto 7th Street off the side street where I now find myself….you’d think I’d know better by now, wouldn’t you? Eventually I had to make an Arizona Turn : this maneuver involves turning right, then left, then right again so as to turn left across or onto a major thoroughfare. Or even a minor thoroughfare.

Other traits that funny Confucius sayings have in common with ... well, funny Confucius sayings are:

• They always start with 'Confucius say', and no, not Confucius say s .
• They are often grammatically incorrect ... probably uttered the way the maker of the joke thinks some old Chinese person would have.
• They most often possess various degrees of vulgarity and dirtiness.

Various Funny FeelingVarious Funny FeelingVarious Funny FeelingVarious Funny Feeling