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“I’d always hoped the mantra ‘Think global, act local’ could be achieved by going to the pub-and now it can” Terry Durack , Restaurant Critic of the Year , Independent on Sunday .

Behavioral ecologists first tackled this topic in the 1960s and 1970s. Their goal was to quantify and formalize a set of models to test their null hypothesis that animals forage randomly. Important contributions to foraging theory have been made by:

These perky relatives of the celery clan are prime invaders of southern lawns.  You can’t blame them. Florida lawns are nearly perfect conditions: Sunny above, damp below with only decapitated grass for competition. That’s a pennywort’s definition of heaven, or a coinwort’s definition. It’s also the dollar weed’s idea, too.  These “moneyworts” have many names and cash attached to their name, in more ways than one:  You can buy them in powdered form in the health food stores; as tea or soda in Asian markets, or on their produce stand; as a side dish in an Oriental restaurant; or, change under your feet.  In fact, I win a lot of bets with pennyworts: It makes a lot of cents.

Foragers Find What You NeedForagers Find What You NeedForagers Find What You NeedForagers Find What You Need