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Raf was playing with his radio-controlled car in a dry drainage canal when he got a call from his mother, and he promised he'd come home after another five minutes. Playtime was interrupted shortly when Jark Darby executed a motorcycle leap into the canal. Raf was impressed by that, but more so when the motorcycle turned out to be an alien robot in disguise. Arcee fought against two Decepticons and was soon joined by Bumblebee , who accidentally crushed Raf's toy underfoot. Raf wasn't too upset by the loss, and when Bumblebee was subsequently pinned down by the Decepticons, Raf courageously yelled at them to leave Bumblebee alone. He and Jack then fled up a storm drain as the Decepticons came after them, but his distraction helped the Autobots eventually win the battle.

Esquivel And His Orchestra Latin EsqueEsquivel And His Orchestra Latin EsqueEsquivel And His Orchestra Latin EsqueEsquivel And His Orchestra Latin Esque