Ultimate ovation black showdown - DIRECTV® Choice Ultimate Package | Genie® HD DVR Included

Visiting the Mediterranean is really like stepping back in time. Ancient civilisations flourished because of it, and the Roman Empire even nicknamed it Mare Nostrum, meaning Our Sea. Because of its rich past there is plenty to explore and its wide range of cultures also offers so much variety. Whether you want to relax on a Greek Island, or explore the ruins of Rome, shop 'til you drop in Cannes, or live in luxury in Monaco - this part of the world really does have everything. There are some fantastic new itineraries out there, and why not sample a river cruise? Sail into the heart of a city on a smaller ship and have your breakfast overlooking the rooftops of Venice. These cruises are great if you’re not a fan of flying as so many ships sail from UK ports.

With the Ultimate package, you'll take home all the channels found in XTRA plus 15 new ones, including the Encore movie suite (9 channels), The Movie Channels (2), Chiller, Cloo, Esquire Network and more. Thanks to a solid combination of new and base programming, this is DIRECTV's most highly-rated plan three years running.

Ultimate is $5 more per month than XTRA (during your promotional period), so if you want to bump up your programming options, give this package a shot. If just a couple of the new channels make it on your must-watch list, it's probably worth the few extra bucks a month.

PERFECT FOR: folks that REALLY enjoy their movies, especially the indies and classics. With 13 new movie channels, fresh new flicks are always just a remote click away.

Ultimate Ovation Black ShowdownUltimate Ovation Black ShowdownUltimate Ovation Black ShowdownUltimate Ovation Black Showdown