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When using a pendulum, spirits are constantly interfering. If I stop using it do they continue to follow me around or have any influence on me? Types of Pendulums and Stones  
Really sorry if this isn't allowed! I got this pendulum and never found out what stone it is. I was hoping you could let me know. Also, I've read about … My Pendulum Says We Are Twin Flames And We Will Get Married But We Keep Fighting?  
Hello I am in a new relationship and things have been rocky since the beginning. At times I feel like what the hell am I doing this for. We have been … Don't Understand  
My name is Dee, and I've been trying to use a pendulum since December 2015. Every single time I pick it up I ask Arch Angel Michael to protect me … Question Regarding Pendulum Answers  
Hello, I've noticed that when I test supplements and foods, there are times that the pendulum moves "NO" direction initially, then 20 seconds later … Trying to Ascertain Whether My Pet is Alive or Not.  
I have been using the pendulum for over a year now and while the answers are very forthcoming with either yes or no, why doesn't any of what it says come … Get Back The Relationship  
Will I get back the lost true relationship if I dowse with the pendulum? Going in "Knots"  
Hello, I just started using my pendulum. I have 3 of them, the first which is a 7 Chakra pendulum I bought because it was interesting to me. At the … Sharing Responses With Others Okay or Not?  
I have recently been using my pendulum and asked for the name of my guides. Would it be okay to share that and other responses with people such as … Vibrate  
Why does the chain on my pendulum sometimes vibrate? Interference During Dowsing  
I use an alphabetical chart during dowsing to speak. I find to my horror that some people talk to me on that chart and they aren't dead spirits, but … Puzzled  
My pendulum goes forward and back for "yes" side to side for "no". Its started chucking in going roung in circles on some questions...why, is it doing … Pendulum Changed Direction  
Why would my pendulum change direction for "yes" and "no" in the middle of working with it? After many questions, I asked it if my middle name was … I've Broken My Pendulum and Lost It! HELP PLEASE  
Hello! First, sorry for my poor english, I'm spanish. A few months ago, my best friend gave me a quartz pendulum, but, on Halloween it broke. Then … Pendulum Problems  
I have lost an amethyst pendulum my boyfriend gave to me as a birthday present, and I just barely bought another one to replace it with and now it has … Blessed With Holy Water Now It Doesn't Work  
Hello, It seemed as though everything was going well. I could ask my pendulum a question and it would answer. Then I read that I should cleanse my … How To Get Rid of a Pendulum  
Hello, I was introduced to a pendulum which I was very excited about and which I was prepared to buy. But, something told me to leave it, and to not … Relationship Questions  
My partner and I have had a strained relationship due to external circumstances and we had to split up. The trouble is, we haven't done a very good … The "Yes" and "No" Responses Changed.  
Hi, I recently started using a pendulum. For the first few days, my "yes" movement from the pendulum was back and forth and the "no" was side to … People Who Have Passed Away  
Hello, I learned recently that if the pendulum moves clockwise over the photo of someone deceased it means they have reincarnated. I tried this … My Kitty Cat  
My furry baby passed away last Tuesday. It was not planned to have him die that day, but he has been sick and wasn't well for a while. I'm worried he is … Losing Pendulum  
I have owned three pendulums in as many months. Two just disappeared and one broke in half for no reason. What is going on? I Need Help in Understanding My Pendulum  
This morning I had my pendulum on my lap. Completely forgotten about as I stood up it dropped onto the floor and the point snapped. I asked it if it had … Chain Broke Off Pendulum  
Hello! I have a gorgeous rose quartz pendulum, but my chain fell off after cleaning in salt water! What do I do? Thank you Click here to write your own.

Serendipitously, the discovery of Newgrange occurred just as the polymath Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, Edward Lhwyd, was traveling through Ireland. Lhwyd asked to be taken to New Grange and was given a tour of the newly discovered tomb. He wrote four letters documenting his experience, the first of which may be seen in its entirety by clicking on the image, below right.

Space Inner Voices Mixed UpSpace Inner Voices Mixed UpSpace Inner Voices Mixed UpSpace Inner Voices Mixed Up