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This is not true, and the proof of that is that I’m still doing it. However, jiu jitsu is indeed pretty tough. I thought I was in fairly good shape when I started. I had been lifting decent sized weights and I could run a mile or two without passing out. I had also taken classes in different kinds of martial arts previously, so I thought I was somewhat prepared for the physical demands of jiu jitsu. I wasn’t. Class was utterly exhausting. Even the warm up part was pretty tiring and we hadn’t even starting learning anything yet. I was drenched in sweat, flopped out on the bench, while my young and sprightly classmates continued long after I had given up. My first solution for that was only going to class once a week. I did that for a few months, but then I realized that I was 1) still exhausted and 2) not learning anything (see below under ‘I am slow’). My second solution was better and I’m still doing this to some degree – I limit my ‘warm up’ and pace myself so I am still moving at the end of class. It doesn’t help with the competitive streak which makes it hard for me not to do everything everyone else is doing BUT at least I don’t have to be carried to my car after class.

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I felt the presence of God . Sometimes I would tingle and sweat with the Holy Spirit. Other times I felt led by Him to give money to a certain cause, or to pay someone a specific compliment, or to walk to the cross at the front of my church and bow before it during a worship service.

Joe Cato Im So Glad