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Kept in the vaults for 15 years due to Stax Records going bankrupt at the time of its intended release, Sandra Wright’s 1974 album ‘Wounded Woman’ is one of those perfect hybrids the much-troubled label was putting out in its last years: Southern Soul with…

GRAMMY winner Kurt Elling is among the world’s foremost jazz vocalists. He won the DownBeat Critics Poll for fourteen consecutive years and was named “Male Singer of the Year” by the Jazz Journalists Association on eight occasions. An international jazz award winner, he has also been GRAMMY nominated a dozen times. Elling’s rich baritone spans four octaves and features both astonishing technical mastery and emotional depth. His repertoire includes original compositions and modern interpretations of standards, all of which are springboards for inspired improvisation, scatting, spoken word and poetry. The New York Times declared, “Elling is the standout male vocalist of our time.” The Washington Post added, “Since the mid-1990s, no singer in jazz has been as daring, dynamic or interesting as Kurt Elling. With his soaring vocal flights, his edgy lyrics and sense of being on a musical mission, he has come to embody the creative spirit in jazz.”

Such grip and clarity are partly attributable to the fact that the Monk is a solid-state unit. Here, we arrive at the divide between tube devotees and solid-state fans. The differences are well known. Solid-state tends to have more grip and sheer impact, at least in the nether regions. Tubes, by contrast, offer a billowy soundstage and warmer midrange. Are some of the qualities associated with tubes simply colorations? Sure. But then again, tubes seemingly mirror the sound you actually hear in the concert hall.

The album debuted at number 4 on the . Billboard 200 chart and sold 500,000 copies in the United States. [15] [16] A deluxe version of The 18th Letter was sold with the compilation disc The Book of Life (UD2-53111), [17] an Eric B. & Rakim greatest hits collection. [18] The Book of Life was also issued separately as a double vinyl LP in 1997. [19]

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The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds Music For Soulful LoversThe Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds Music For Soulful LoversThe Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds Music For Soulful LoversThe Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds Music For Soulful Lovers