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Birth Name: William Robinson , Jr. Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, . Date of Birth: February 19, 1940 Ethnicity: African-American, as well as 1/8th French Smokey ...

Stevie Wonder (who was discovered by Miracles member Ronnie White ) and his producer Hank Cosby wrote the music for the song, and Cosby produced the instrumental track recording. Wonder brought the instrumental track to the 1966 Motown Christmas party because he could not come up with a lyric to fit the instrumental. [2] Wonder wanted to see what Robinson could come up with for the track. [3] Robinson, who remarked that the song's distinctive calliope motif "sounded like a circus," provided lyrics that reflected his vision and sang lead vocal. In the song, his character, sad because a woman has left him, compares himself to the characters in the opera Pagliacci , comedians/clowns who hide their hurt and anger behind empty smiles. [4] He had used this comparison before: the line "just like Pagliacci did/I'll try to keep my sadness hid" appears in the song "My Smile Is Just A Frown (Turned Upside Down)," which he had written in 1964 for Motown artist Carolyn Crawford . The record is one of the few hit pop singles to feature the bassoon , which was played by Charles R. Sirard. [5]

Smokey Robinson Theme From Big TimeSmokey Robinson Theme From Big TimeSmokey Robinson Theme From Big TimeSmokey Robinson Theme From Big Time