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"uneducated; non-clerical," early 14c., from Old French lai "secular, not of the clergy" (Modern French laïque ), from Late Latin laicus , from Greek laikos "of the people," from laos "people," of unknown origin. In Middle English, contrasted with learned , a sense revived 1810 for "non-expert."

     You’ll need: romaine leaves, crisp cooked bacon chopped well, roasted cherry tomatoes, a hard-boiled egg or two that’s been sliced, an avocado sliced up, ranch dressing, lots of well-crumbled croutons, sea salt and black pepper.  

We asked 122 veterinary professionals for their opinions on which dog breeds they considered the most laid-back, and their five top choices are listed below. One important thing to keep in mind with all these dogs (and any others, for that matter): "Laid-back" does not equal "needs no stimulation." All dogs need at least some level of exercise (mental and physical), not to mention some human interaction, and these breeds are no exception.

Laid Back Play It StraightLaid Back Play It StraightLaid Back Play It StraightLaid Back Play It Straight