David teig sounds of the third reich the rise and collapse of nazi germany 1933 1945 - Prevention of Intraoperative Awareness in a High-Risk.

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I always told people about jews having last names but those same people thought I was crazy. They are the same people who believe that the jews are their friends. Their typical response is always the usual “you are racist”or something to the lines of “you nazi” or “anti-semite”. It is funny they how they use these words but do know do their own research who made up anti-semite or even the term racist. When I bring up the fact that leon trotsky the communist soviet jew used the term racist as his excuse to kill off millions of russians, they dont have an answer for that. You cannot also bring up the fact that the rothschild kikes are behind all of this besides karl marx and the other rat face jews are behind all ills using anti-semite as a weapon in their disposal. What is also funny is a kike cannot use anti-semite in the weapon against arabs so thats why they call them terrorists. If you bring up the fact that arabs are semites they lose their arguement in them being anti-semites. These walking double standards and fraudulent self chosen people need to be dealt with not with words but the best way like they have done to us. We need to make their world a living hell but not to pretend that they will change their ways because their gene pool is not like ours like they said because they are beyond repair.