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There are three problems with migrating from our current configuration to this setup. First, there's all of people's current mail folders that are in places outside of $HOME/mail , which must be moved into $HOME/mail in order to stay accessible via IMAP. Second, even for people who have their mail folders in $HOME/mail , their clients know it under a different IMAP path; right now an existing $HOME/mail/PrivateStuff would be known to the IMAP client as mail/PrivateStuff (even if the client hides this from you by having an IMAP path prefix), where in the new world it would be known as just PrivateStuff. Finally, some people have their clients set up with an IMAP path prefix, which would have to be removed to get our ideal setup (even if their IMAP path prefix is currently mail because they're storing everything under $HOME/mail right now).

Xtract Blame It On The YouthXtract Blame It On The YouthXtract Blame It On The YouthXtract Blame It On The Youth