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Legrand has composed more than two hundred film and television scores and several musicals and has made well over a hundred albums. He has won three Oscars (out of 13 nominations) and five Grammys and has been nominated for an Emmy . He was 22 when his first album, I Love Paris , became one of the best-selling instrumental albums ever released. He is a virtuoso jazz and classical pianist and an accomplished arranger and conductor who performs with orchestras all over the world.

The term "cinema vérité" was eventually coined to describe these kinds of movies, even though film studies classes continue to affirm that the presence of a camera usually distorts the subject being filmed. Chris Marker preferred the term "direct cinema", which doesn't make the claim that an absolute truth is being recorded. Direct Cinema also describes the method of filming. With his soundman at his side, cameraman Pierre Lhomme was essentially a one-man film unit, grabbing his shots on the fly and making most of the visual decisions. For this reason the fair-minded Chris Marker insisted upon a shared director credit.

Michel Legrand Joli MaiMichel Legrand Joli MaiMichel Legrand Joli MaiMichel Legrand Joli Mai