Various tape report nr 1 - Newsroom (CA Dept of Education)

[Sidebar: Srebrenica had been declared a “safe area” by the UN.  That meant two main things: first, the Bosnian-Muslims had to totally demilitarize the entire town while the Bosnian-Serbs had to stop attacking it, nevermind entering it.  These UN “safe heavens” were intended for civilians only .  In reality, however, the Bosnian-Muslims kept and entire Mountain Division in Srebrenica and they continued to reinforce it both by land and by air.  To make things even worse, the Bosnian-Muslims constantly used Srebrenica as a safe base to attack the Bosnian-Serb positions around the town.  At the beginning of the war, the Bosnian-Muslims had already burned down all the Bosnian-Serb villages around Srebrenica and massacred most of the civilians living they found in them (we are talking about several thousand civilians).  The local Bosnian-Serbs had promised that one day they would take revenge for these massacres and some of them, indeed, do that when the Bosnian-Serbs entered Srebrenica.  Needless to say, none of that was ever reported by the western corporate Ziomedia].

Various Tape Report Nr 1Various Tape Report Nr 1Various Tape Report Nr 1Various Tape Report Nr 1